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Lutronic is built on research and development …

We want to pass that knowledge on to you. We offer education in the fundamentals of light, lasers and energy-based medicine, coupled with hands-on and in-service training to keep our clinicians and business partners around the world on top of all our latest systems, techniques and treatment solutions.

Education on the fundamentals of light, lasers and energy-based medicine

Clinical trainers are comprised of our in-house experts, augmented by a faculty of international preeminent clinicians, all leaders in their fields. Our regular orientation and continuing education programs ensure and maintain the high standards of your practice needs. In addition to organizing educational programs, we have developed an integrated online platform for customers who are using Lutronic products to share clinical knowledge and practical know-how for users, present or prospective.

Key Benefits
  • Offers basics of laser and energy-based medicine technology; the precepts of laser safety; followed by practical indications including, but not limited to, removal of Pigmented and Vascular Lesions and Tattoos, Scar Revision, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, and Hair Regrowth Prevention.
  • Presents an overview of Lutronic products together with the latest clinical updates.
  • Provides hands-on and in-service training on our systems, techniques and treatment solutions.
  • Opportunities for learning a variety of techniques and to observe expert’s treatment strategies in actual clinical practice.

Service like you need it. Our Engineers are always ready to help

Lutronic’s on demand service support offers to help you optimize your assets, streamline processes, deliver compliant, reliable and responsive service though on-site and remote expertise. Your service engineer is always there for you, ready to triage any issue. This is a personalized, ongoing, one-on-one relationship with a highly skilled service engineer who understands your unique challenges and opportunities.

Key Benefits
  • Flexible offerings from complete coverage to on-site service support to shared options based on the customer situation, budget and needs.
  • Customer Care with phone support gives you easy access to a knowledgeable and experienced base that is beyond compare.
  • We are available to help guide you through set-up procedures, to complex technical issues.
  • Troubleshoot on the phone or Facetime and, if service is required, quickly coordinate with the service department to schedule an on-site visit.

Lutronic solutions deliver turnkey marketing collateral and support programs

We continue to be by your side after your purchase by offering marketing support. You will have a personal marketing contact for consultation any time to help increase your clientele and share best practices, templates, and more. Our high quality and modern designed material will add the edge you need. From brochures to banners, our full marketing kit offers the best materials to create that sale.

Key Benefits
  • Partnered with several of the best consultants in the industry to help you with website development, social media, mobile marketing, re-marketing and more.
  • Marketing concierge contact for consultation that will add to the market edge you need.
  • Press release templates are available, including support to help you send out to local press and media outlets.

Take your practice to the next level with Lutronic!

Our Practice Success Team is available to answer your questions and help you to navigate the strategic & technical complexities in order to grow your practice, maximize your Return On Investment, and achieve your key business goals.

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