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What is DermaV™?

Achieving what no other laser has before, the DermaV uses the right wavelength with the right fluence to deliver unmatched results to patients. Our cutting-edge skin-cooling capability ensures your patient’s comfort while our patented IntelliTone™ technology banishes unsightly veins and discoloration. With the DermaV, vascular and pigmented lesions don’t stand a chance.

DermaV Features
  • Drastically reduces the appearance of redness, flushing, and superficial veins
  • Offers a non-invasive solution to eliminate unwanted pigment
  • Achieves a radiant, healthy complexion across the patient’s face, neck, and décolletage
  • Uses Lutronic’s exclusive Clear and Smooth™ treatment combined with IntelliTone™ technology to deliver noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture
  • Proven to safely reduce or remove unwanted pigment across skin tones

How It Works

DermaV stands at the forefront of innovation and results. By merging the best wavelength with delivery at optimal fluence, we’ve engineered the ultimate solution for vascular and pigmented lesions. Our breakthrough technology incorporates advanced skin-cooling functionalit, ensuring patient comfort and results.

Key Benefits
  • Superior Wavelengths: Harnessing the dual power of 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths, DermaV effectively targets both brown and red pigmentation, offering higher absorption than other commonly used vascular wavelengths.
  • Optimal Fluence: Our system administers the necessary thermal energy for optimal results while maintaining the versatility to adjust energy levels, ensuring the safe treatment of small vessels.
  • Variable Sequential Pulsing: As the first and only 532nm device to offer both ICD cooling and user-specified Variable Sequential Pulsing, DermaV makes ALL pulsed dye and solid-state green lasers obsolete.
  • Effective Cooling: DermaV’s adjustable cooling system (before, during, and after treatment) not only safeguards skin but optimizes clinical outcomes.

Before & After

Frequently Asked Questions

Some patients might experience mild discomfort but the sensation will vary based on the individual’s skin type, sensitivity, and the specific area treated. To maximize patient comfort, DermaV integrates Temperature Sensing and superior Skin Cooling via ICD.

The length of a session typically ranges from 5-20 minutes, depending on the size and area being treated. After treatment, patients might notice some mild redness and light swelling but it’s safe to immediately return to normal activities and cover any temporary redness with light makeup.

The number of sessions needed varies based on the condition, size, and area treated. Some lesions may vanish after just one session while others could require multiple sessions over several weeks to achieve desired results.

Lutronic Changes the Game with the DermaV™ Dermatology Platform

As the first and only 532nm/1064nm device to offer ICD cooling and Variable Sequential Pulsing technology, DermaV™ replaces ALL pulsed dye and solid-state green lasers with a faster, safer, and more practical solution.

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